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Our Services

Custom GPT-like Services

Enhance your in-house data with our custom GPT-like models deployed on-premises. On-Prem GPT, fine-tuning, custom training.

AutoGPT workflow automation

Streamline processes and replace manual tasks with our advanced LangChain and AutoGPT solutions.

AI/ML Model Development

Accelerate your growth with tailor-made AI and ML models designed for your business.

Data Science and Analysis

Leverage our data science expertise to uncover insights and drive informed decision-making. Table data analysis, gradient boosting algorithms, classical statistics, canonical ML.

AI Workshops

Comprehensive offering designed to assess your company’s current AI landscape, develop a tailored AI strategy, create and implement a custom AI model, and establish a roadmap for ongoing AI integration.

Custom Computer Vision and generative models

Harness the power of computer vision and generative models to drive innovation in your business. Image / video analysis, generative image models, image / video generation, pose estimation.

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Why Choose theMind?

Proven track record of success, extensive industry experience, and a team of top AI/ML experts dedicated to delivering cutting-edge solutions

Case Studies

ML in Geology

Project with a leading natural resources company to tackle a challenging task: predicting subsurface geological structures from incomplete data sources.

Superresolution in Mobile Photo

theMind partnered with a world-leading telecom company to develop a state-of-the-art machine learning (ML) solution aimed at enhancing mobile photography.

Computer Vision Cancer Detection

An ambitious project aimed at early lung cancer detection using cutting-edge machine learning (ML) and computer vision techniques.


Constantine Goltsev

Managing Partner

A Berkeley graduate, Constantine is an AI and technology expert with extensive experience in building innovative products and platforms. As CTO of Altis Movement Technologies, led the development of the world’s first AI Personal Trainer. Successfully launched and scaled AI-driven platforms in the MLOps space, as well as other advanced software platforms.

Panos Lambrianides

Leading AI Expert

Panos is a highly skilled and experienced Artificial Intelligence architect with over 10 years of expertise in machine learning, data-driven application development, and 15 years in full-stack software engineering and architecture. Panos has successfully designed and implemented state-of-the-art AI solutions for clients in healthcare and finance. He specializes in NLP/NLU solutions, classification and regression algorithms, and data management.

Manuel Morales

Leading AI Expert

Manuel is a renowned expert in applied Artificial Intelligence within banking and investment, boasting a rich career as a professor at the University of Montreal and a consultant in the field of ML and AI. He is deeply involved in AI ethics and responsible AI deployments. He is the director of the FinML network at the University of Montreal, training the next generation of AI-enabled finance and banking professionals. His vast experience and dedication to innovation make him a valuable contributor to the world of AI and finance.

Bill Kleyman


Named 2023 Trailblazer by Data Centre
magazine, Bill is ranked 16/100 most
influential individuals in the cloud
landscape by Onalytica. Former EVP of
Switch and CTO of MTM, Bill is a
true cloud and AI industry influencer.

Uri Soroka

Managing Partner

Uri Soroka is the CEO of Neu.ro, a cutting-edge MLOps solution for orchestrating and managing infrastructure and processes essential for sustainable and efficient ML development at scale.

Vova Soroka

Managing Partner

Vova is a computer science research veteran with 15 years of experience in IBM Research where he led various AI research directions in Information Retrieval, Human Computer Interaction, Video Analytics and other fields. Mr. Soroka is an author of 15 research papers and book chapters as well as 19 patents and was IBM Master Inventor. He holds B.Sc. in Computer Science from the Technion and M.A. in Communication from Haifa University.

theMind Blog

LLMOpen Source

Llama-2: Meta’s Next Gen Open Source LLM

We’re thrilled to bring to your attention an exciting development – the launch of Meta’s Llama 2. This new iteration of their groundbreaking open-source large language model is free to use for research and commercial purposes, marking a pivotal moment in AI technology.
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theMind Experiment: running LLM on CPUs

The experiment aimed to evaluate the performance and efficiency of running GPT-4, a large language model, on CPUs compared to GPUs. Preliminary results showed that the model achieved comparable accuracy on CPUs, with an acceptable increase in training time and inference latency.
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Industries We Serve


AI enables efficient document review and analysis, case predictiveness, automates legal research, and streamlines contract management, helping legal professionals save time, reduce costs, and improve accuracy.


AI streamlines network management, automates customer support, and optimizes service delivery for enhanced connectivity and customer experience.


AI powers intelligent automation, improves cybersecurity, and enables advanced data analytics for better decision-making and streamlined operations.


AI enhances fraud detection, automates financial forecasting, and enables personalized wealth management for increased efficiency and security.


AI improves diagnostics, and enables personalized treatment plans for better patient outcomes and care.


AI optimizes inventory management, personalizes customer experiences, and automates logistics for increased efficiency and customer satisfaction.


AI personalizes learning experiences, automates grading and administrative tasks, and enables adaptive learning systems.


AI enables predictive maintenance, optimizes production processes, and streamlines supply chain management for increased productivity and reduced costs.


AI streamlines public service delivery, enhances decision-making through data analytics, and improves resource allocation for increased efficiency and transparency.

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