Opinions. Crowdsourced.

NLP Machine Learning platform for aggregation and analysis
of anonymous opinions.

Know what the world thinks

theMind rewards users, consumers, and employees for honest anonymous opinions.

Safe, Fun, and engaging

Have fun with our unique interface and share your opinions on any topic safely and anonymously! theMind's smart algorithm makes cyber-bullying obsolete, and automatically filters out all the bad stuff.

Make the world better

Opinions will earn you points, which can be converted to donations for various causes. Companies can integrate theMind with employee giving or custom rewards programs.

Know the truth and nothing but the truth

theMind analyzes and aggregates real, open-ended responses with its proprietary NLP (Natural Language Processing) algorithm that constantly evolves on hundreds of thousands of real answers.

Engage employees, customers and fans

Open your very own private or public chamber in theMind to engage your employees, customers, voters, fans, or friends.

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